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"A" Series BladesSuitable for: Laser 2, Legend, Star, Liberty

'A' series clipping blades


Super Surgical

Designed to leave almost no hair on the animal


A2S/AC Surgical

Clips very close to the skin and is suitable for surgical preperation


A2F/AC Fine

For close clipping horses, clipping the heads and bellies of cattle and slick shearing sheep


A2/AC Medium

Suitable for general clipping. Yet for times when a little more hair is required


CA2/AC Coarse

The strong teeth of this blade make it ideal for clipping dirty, muddy animals



Leaving a longer coat on the animal this blade is ideal for areas that require extra protection, such as legs

Hog / Lifter BladesFits to all "A" series blades

Lifter clipping blades

Sometimes you need to tidy an animal up but want to leave a longer coat. The lifter blades will allow you to do this, with two available leaving either 13mm or 19mm of hair.

Wizard BladesSuitable for: Laser 2, Legend, Star, Liberty

Wizard shearing blades

Designed to allow shearing duties to be achieved using a clipper. Available as a stronger 13T blade or a 20T version which will give a show quality finish.

Libretto BladesSuitable for: Libretto

Libretto trimmer blades

Wahl Competition Series blades to fit the Libretto are available in a variety of hair length options. Wide blades are also available for faster trimming of large areas.