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Nitro X

Featuring a triple bearing design and a balanced crank head for extra smooth and cool running with minimal vibration, the new Nitro X handpiece enables professional and competent casual shearers to shear all day in comfort and at speed.

Nitro X features two bearings in the barrel and an extra bearing in the long half to ensure minimal friction. It has a twin row bearing by the crank for increased resistance against wear and a unique bearing retainer to securely hold the front bearing for extra durability.

Featuring light-touch tension nut, more durable flock and new durable bearing retention system. Now race-tuned to give a superiour cut.

Key Features:

  • Triple bearing for maximum comfort and speed
  • Ultra lightweight slim-line barrel
  • Low profile fork yokes to minimise drag
  • Low profile durable rubber joint guard
  • Low profile fork and prongs to reduce drag
  • Advanced backjoint material for prolonged use in the toughest shearing conditions
  • Increased fork travel for a fuller cut with even the most run-in gear
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK