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Olympic shearing comb


For all purpose shearing with narrow gear and the 300 cutter.

No.3 wide shearing comb

No.3 Wide

Designed with 13 straight teeth this thicker comb leaves more hair on the animal for protection

Countryman shearing comb

Countryman 5 & 7

Ideal general purpose convex comb. Including show shearing, general tidying & dagging.

Cavalier shearing comb


The Cavalier is a 92mm wide 5mm bevel comb. This comb suits shearers of all levels and abilities

Falcon shearing comb


For dense or fine wool in sandy or sticky conditions. With a straight bottom tooth for easy penetration.

Protector shearing comb


A 9 tooth design for leaving a protective layer of fleece in either hot or cold climates.

Alpaca shearing comb


For removing the upper layer of a camelid’s coat, leaving protection from cold or sunburn.

Alpaca Pro shearing comb

Alpaca Pro

Designed for the expert camelid shearer wanting to remove the upper layer only.